Isla Magica Tour

Isla Magica (Magic Island) is a theme park with a twist.

Isla Magica (Magic Island) is a theme park with a twist. It’s based around 16th century Spain, with the emphasis on exploration. Lots of galleons, pirates, jungles and lots of adventure. It’s big – the park is set on the site of the 1992 Expo and is split into a number of different themed sections.

In the Amazonia section, you can get the heart pumping with the famous El Jaguar roller coaster and a waterfall ride. In the Gateway to the Americas section, there’s a ‘water coaster’ and a Navigator’s school. There’s also a Mayan world section for the little ones, cinemas, virtual shows and a planetarium.

El Jaguar – The first inverted rollercoaster in Spain, with five inversions (2x hearth-line roll, 1x immelman and 2x in-line twist), and a final helix; is one of the most popular roller coasters in the park.

Anaconda – A log flume ride, with three drops (8.1, 9.0 and 17.6 metres)

Iguazú – A splash ride with a drop of 15 metres and more than 50 km/h

Rápidos del Orinoco – A River Rapid ride with 500 metres track

El Desafío – An extended Power Tower themed in Seville, with an Arabic minaret in the station

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  • A Theme park with a twist that’s fun for the whole family
  • Set around 16th Century Spain