Lagos & Sagres Tour

A visit to the city of Lagos and to Sagres Fort and also the Light House in Cape Sao Vicente

Sagres is the most westerly town of the Algarve and is a destination for visitors who appreciate nature’s raw beauty. The huge Atlantic Ocean waves that pound the cliffs and beaches have drawn experienced surfers to Sagres and this has allowed the town to gain an unobtrusive cool vibe.

Sagres is small enough that it can be easily explored within a day and the relative closeness to Lagos makes it a popular day trip. This article will provide a detailed guide to visiting Sagres as a day trip from Lagos. This excursion is suitable for visitors reliant on public transport.

There are three main areas to visit in a day trip to Sagres; the Cabo Sao Vicente, the fish

The Cabo Sao Vicente is the most westerly tip of mainland Europe and is a wind-blasted headland, with huge cliffs that fall away to raging seas. Generally, most people come to admire the dramatic scenery and unless an extended hike is planned no visit to Cabo Sao Vicente will be longer than 30 minutes, which aligns with the time the bus waits at the bus stop. The high vantage point of the lighthouse combined with the bright beam means that the light can be seen up to 50km away in harbour/town/beach and the Fortaleza de Sagres fort.

The Fortaleza Sagres is located at the southern tip of the Sagres Peninsular and this uniquely designed fort protected the town from raiders from North Africa. It was from here that Henry the Navigator devised his 15th-century expeditions to the uncharted seas around the western side of Africa, which heralded in the golden era of Portugal exploration.

The lighthouse Sagres’ is the most luminous in Europe, it’s light stretches to see 32 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of about 60 Kilometers. It was built in 1846.


  • Visit the city of Lagos, a historical and lively city
  • Sargres Fort is an Unusual sea fort with a single fortified wall and 3 natural cliffs providing protection for defenders
  • A look at the light house in Cape Sao Vicente